2015 Seniors…..Now is the time for action!

Don’t wait to schedule your senior photos. The summer months fill up quickly and once school is back in session, appointments are scarce.  PLUS, THE BEST SPECIALS ARE IN THE SUMMER!

Senior Posters available at Moments

We are proud to offer unique photographic posters that showcase the activities you are involved in. Call the studio at 944-3786 for details.

2012 BGHS Lady Marauders

Good luck in the upcoming District and State Playoffs

Jasmine – MUHS

“Beautiful photos. They came out great.”

Kayla – AAHS

“Love your photos – Kayla.Hope you had a great experience.”


” Great pic. Good luck with football and basketball.”

Andrew – BAHS

“Awesome sports pic. Thanks for coming to Moments.”

Bradley – AAHS

“Great photos. Really like your antique toned images.”

Julianne – BWHS

” Julianne – your photos are beautiful. Wait until you see your album. You are going to be blown away. Thanks for making the trip from Brockway.”

Trisha – AAHS

“Stunning photos – we had a great time working with you.”

Miranda – AAHS

“Pics came out  really nice! Enjoy your senior year.”

Erin – PCHS

“Erin – pics are beautiful. Thanks for picking Moments.”

John – TAHS

“Thanks for doing the senior model program. Photos look great.”

Taylor – AAHS

” Pics came out great. Hope you enjoyed the experience.”

Kelsey – AAHS

“Kelsey – your photos are beautiful. We had a blast working with you and your mom. Thanks for helping us with the model program. See you at your pick up.”

Meranda – AAHS

“Stunning photo. Have a great senior year.”

Mariah – PCHS

“Great pics all around. Especially liked this one.”

Dan – HAHS

“Thanks for choosing Moments for your senior photos.”

Trey – HAHS

“Great photos – Trey!”

Derek – MVHS

“Really cool football pic. Have a good season.”

Olivia – CRHS

“Hope you had fun. Pics are beautiful. “

Taylor – EHS

” Love this photo – Thanks for your business. Had a blast with you and the other students from Everett.”

Kody – HHS

“Nice pics- Kody. See you in a couple of weeks at pick-up.”

Maggi – BHS

“Pictures turned out great. Your outdoors were especially good. Thanks for coming from Bedford to give Moments a try.”

Marina – PMHS

“Marina – thanks for picking Moments. Tell all your friends from Penns Manor to give us a try.”

Emily – AAHS

“Pics are awesome. Loved having you as a senior model.”

Sarah – CCHS

“Sarah – pics came out great.Enjoy your senior year.”

Caitlin – POHS

“Love this pic. The background is really cool.”

Corey – HAHS

“Thanks for picking Moments”

Emily – TAHS

“Beautiful pics. Hope you had a blast!”

Kathleen – AAHS

“Awesome photos. Your eyes really pop in your pics. Stunning!”

Zoe – AAHS

“Love your pics Zoe. Can’t wait for you to see your finished portraits.”

Connor – HAHS

“Great photos Connor. Really liked your outdoor pics. All the colors look great.”

Evan – HAHS

“Thanks for coming in. Hope you liked your images.”

Jennah – AAHS

” Jennah – thanks for being a part of our model program. Your pics look great.”

Haley – SCHS

“Great photos! Hope you enjoyed your experience at Moments.”

Jessie – CKHS

“Jessie – we had a great time photographing you. Pics are awesome. Thanks!”

Michael – HAHS

“Mike-thanks for coming into Moments. Hope you liked your photos.”

Tyler – CHS

“Tyler-your guitar photos came out great. We used this pic in one of our mailers. Have a great senior year.”

Brandon – AAHS

” Great Pics Brandon – see you in a couple weeks.”

Lisa – AAHS

” Beautiful pics Lisa!”

Jessica – MHS

“Wow! Your images are great. You have so much variety. Can’t wait for you to see the final pics.”

Ethan – TMHS

“Ethan – hoped you liked your images. The photos with your friends are really good.”

Brett – AAHS

“Your images turned out great Brett. Have a great senior year.”

Nate -CKHS

“Nate -great pics.  Your sports images were awesome.”

Kayla – MCHS

” Pics are beautiful. Thanks for coming!”

Araam – BGHS

“Araam – thanks for coming in and doing the model program. Your pics look great.”

Danielle – CKHS

” Danielle – your photos came out great. See you in a couple weeks at your pick up.”

Nate – AAHS

” Nate- We had a great time photographing you. Your baseball pics look great! Thanks”

Evan – HAHS

“Great pics Evan. Have a great football season and a great senior year.”

Emily – AAHS

“Your photographs turned out great. Have a good summer.”

Madison – SHHS

“Great photographs Madison. Thanks for picking Moments.”

Rebecca – CFHS

“Hope you had a great time at Moments. Your pics are great.”

Lexi – AAHS

“Lexi, your photographs are beautiful. We had a great time photographing you. See you in a few weeks when you pick up your finished portraits. Have a great rest of your summer.”

Kris – HAHS

“Thanks for picking Moments. Good luck this football Season.”

Kaylee – SHHS

“Kaylee…your finished photos are going to be awesome. See you in a few weeks.”

Elaina – SHHS

“Thanks for coming to Moments. Your pics are great!”


“Hope you had a good time at your session. Your window light photographs came out really well. Have a great senior year.”

Nate – BGHS

“Thanks for coming in Nate. Your images are really good.”

Arienna – HAHS

“Great session. Your outdoor photographs were awesome!”

Moments first senior mailer for Class of 2012 ready to mail.

Moments first mailer of the year is set to go out next week. If you are not on our mailing list, send us an email with your information (check out our contact page). We are looking forward to a great year of photographing area seniors from the class of 2012. See you this summer.

2011 Model Slide Show

There is still time to become part of our 2011 Model Program. Take a look at our model slideshow.